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Your local go-to resource in Simcoe County, Barrie and surrounding areas in Ontario for unravelling the ever changing and evolving field of Human Resources. We are dedicated to partnering with organizations in creating a solid foundation from which sustainable growth can occur.

Evolving companies who strive to be recognized as an Employer of Choice don't take their human talent for granted. In the rapidly changing global landscape, operating a business is becoming increasingly complex. We provide core HR and specialized services allowing your team to optimize productivity, comply with legislation and mitigate risk.

Career Transition Services


HR Outsourcing

As an employer, you know having to terminate a team member is one of the toughest business decisions you will ever make.

Once the decision is made, supporting them through the transition in a positive direction makes good business sense. Helping your former employee(s) get on their feet quickly demonstrates good faith as an employer and may also diminish your termination obligations.
Transition coaching helps former employees get back on track quicker and easier than they could on their own by providing highly efficient and effective guidance which helps them with focus and most of all confidence.

Our program has been custom designed with premiere HR standards and proven coaching techniques that provide the job seeker with the tools and strategies they need for success.

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In the rapidly changing business landscape, operating a business is becoming more complex every day. Developing your "people plan" is a critical aspect of your business, flowing directly from your business plan.

At this point, your need for HR expertise changes as quickly as your business. Lasting Solutions provides flexible, customizable and scalable services that meet your needs at every step in your evolution.

Our PRACTICAL model develops just what you need, when you need it. Whether you seek project-based support or want the comfort of knowing your HR Partner is a phone call away, our creative solutions will positively impact your business.

With an extensively tested background working with large and small companies, our goal is simple, provide you with a solid HR foundation, saving you time, money and effort so you can focus on what you are meant to do. Drive Business Results!

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